The Yorkshire Canary Club Of America

The Yorkshire Club is a non-profit organization specializing in the breeding, improvement, promotion, and conservation of the Yorkshire Canary.  We are a small group of people that all have a common goal: breed and show Yorkshire canaries.  We are currently looking for members that are willing to promote and preserve this wonderful breed.  

If interested, please e-mail me for information by clicking on my name:


Visit our Yorkie Website by clicking on the Yorks or the URL below it:


For those of you ready to join the YCCA, please click on the image below to open the official 2014 application.  Print it out, fill it in and mail it along with your check to the address indicated on the form.  Don't forget to order your bands too!

Thank you for your support of the Yorkshire Canary Club of America!

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If your plan is to exhibit Yorkshires (and most all other birds) on the National level and you want to see the finest "traveling bird show" in North America, you must join and exhibit at the NATIONAL BIRD SHOW!!!  The 2016 National Cage Bird Show will be in St. Charles, Illinois.  Don't miss this event!!  As it has always been said, the National is indeed your "Show of Shows"!!  Come join the celebration!!!  See you here!!!  Click below for show details and more:


A Bit Of National History

Can You Guess The Year?

The Yorkshire Club of America 2016 National Show



The Yorkshire Club of America 2015 National Show





The Future of the Yorkshire Canary

is in Benjamin's hands!

The Yorkshire Club of America 2014 National Show




The Yorkshire Club of America 2013 National Show

The 2013 National Best Champion Yorkshire in Show Bred & Banded By Tony Ruiz

Bob Milkowski and his 3rd, 4th, 5th & 7th Best Champion Yorkshires at 2013 National!

Bob Milkowski & Tony Ruiz ready for the Banquet

Tony Ruiz Accepting the Higgins Trophy From Higgins Rep & Judge Keith Ferry

For Best Type Canary In Show with his Champion Yorkshire

All the people who like Yorkies get ready to raise your hand now!!

The Yorkshire Club of America 2012 National Show

The 2012 National Best Champion Yorkshire in Show Bred & Banded By Tony Ruiz

John Kotsoros, Tony Ruiz and Bob Milkowski


Photos taken at the 2009 National Cage Bird Show


2009 Type Canary Champion Tony Ruiz posing with California Yorkshire Canary breeder, Hoa Truong

Well-Known & Respected Judge, Geoff Walker giving Tony Ruiz a hearty congratulatory hug!

2009 Type Canary Champion Tony Ruiz posing with John Dejakov

Tony Ruiz holding his 2009 Higgins Trophy for Best Type Canary

Tony Ruiz posing with the Higgins Rep (left) and Judge Marcel Verschueren from Belgium (right)

Hoa Truong, John Katsoros, Tony Ruiz, Jonel Djakov & Nick Djakov

Tony with a lovely Clear Buff Yorkshire Hen



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